The School

Escuela de Arte y Superior de Conservación y Restauración de Bienes Culturales de Valladolid

We are proud to say that our school is both old and modern. In fact it has been working for over a hundred years and it has gone through quite a few different names, teaching planning and curricula from its begining up to the present times. However, a compromize between the world of art and the latest technology has been kept from the beginning of its existence.

Besides the high shcool diploma we offer up to 5 higher education plans and one Bachelor’s degree

The city of Valladolid, situated in the heart of Spanish North Meseta is the geographical centre of the Autonomy of Castilla and León, and not only the headquartes of institutions but also point of reference for several hundreds of students who every day come from the city, from its sorrounding villages and even from the bordering provinces.. At present, our school offers 3 higher artistic cycles, which around 200 students attend to:

· Fine Arts applied to Sculpture
· Decoration of Interiors
· Diseño gráfico

Together with the cycles, we also offer a “Bachillerato” in Arts which corresponds to the two highest levels after Secundary Education that students are suppossed to go through successfully to be able to follow more advanced educational programs, either university studies or higher level cycles. Around 220 students receive this sort of teaching at our school.

Moreover, we have also been offering the degree in “ Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods in Sculpture artistic cycle on Fine Arts or Graphic Design or by means of and aptitude test according to the studies level they have.

The main objective of our present curricula is to provide society with skillful workers who reunites experience, creativity and technical management, always ready to carry out, professionally, any qualified projects they might be required.